Mammillaria marksiana

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Mammillaria marksiana

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Spines: Radials 8 - 1 0 , spread out, pointing in all directions, straight, stiff and sharp pointed, the lateral spines about 8 mm. long, the upper and lower shorter (about 5 mm. long), reddish yellow to dull golden yellow, becoming grey with age. Central 1 about 8 mm. long, stiff, thin and sharp, golden yellow (like the radials).
Flowers: Short funnelform, about 15 mm. long and wide with small greenish yellow scales outside, having wool in the axils of the scales. Perianth segments 5 mm. long, 2 mm. broad greenish-yellow. Stigma 10 mm. long light yellow. Filements and Anthers pale yellow-
Fruit: Still not known. Seeds: Curved pyriform, light to dark brown about in a reticulate pattern.
Habitat: Mexico, Western Sierra Madre, in Sinaloa State; on rocky slopes in pockets of leafmould (F. Schwarz).
Culture: As for species of the M. centricirrha group, in well-rotted beech leafmould, growing rather slowly. Propagation from seed. The species is self-sterile.
Remarks: The plant is characterised by its flattened globular growth, its light body colour, tho yellow apical wool, spines and yellow flowers. According to F.Schwarz, the discoverer of the species, there are plants up to 11 cm. in diameter. The species has affinity to M. bocensis, Craig, but differs from it by the above-mentioned characteristics.
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