Mammillaria hahniana

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Mammillaria hahniana

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Mammillaria hahiana Werdermann.
Mammillaria hahniana Werdermann, Monatschr. Deutsch Kakt. Ges; 27, 1929.
Roots: Fibrous.
Body: Mostly caespitose, slightly flattened globose, with slightly
sunken apex, heads to 9 cm. high, 10 cm. wide.
Tubercles closely set in 13 and 21 spirals, light green, conical, almost terete to slightly triangular at apex, rounded dorsally, keeled ventrally, with very milky sap, 5 - 6 mm. long 2 - m mm. wide at base. Areoles oval, hardly 1 mm. wide with white wool at apex, later with brownish mat, later becoming naked.
Axils with short white wool and a tuft of 20 or more long white hairlike tortuous bristles of uneven length to 35 - 40 mm. long
Spines: Centrals, present only in young growth, older ones missing
as they are easily dislodged; 1 (2 - 5), 4 (5 - 8) mm long, straight
acicular, smooth, somewhat thickened at base, whitish transparent below, reddish brown at very tip, porrect or divergent dorsally and ventrally.
Radials 20-30, 5 - 15 mm. long, very fine hair-like, soft, tortuous,
white, extending almost laterally, interlacing with approximating.ones
and axillary hairs, horizontal to somewhat ascending.
Flowers: Funnelform, 15 - 20 mm. wide, July, open for several days.
Outer perianth segments greenish yellow below, purplish above, greenish white margins, dark brown ventral midstripe; linear-lanceolate, tip acute, margins coarsely ciliate to almost lacerate, 6 - 8 mm long. Inner perianth segments purplish-red, margins transparent, linear-lanceolate, tip mucronate to almost acuminate, margins mostly entire.
Filaments white below, purple above. Anthers cream; style white. Stigma lobes ' 3 - 5 yellowish white.
Fruit: Reddish purple, oval 7 x 4 mm. with dried perianth persisting.
Seeds: Dull dirty brown, pyriform with lateral hilum, pitted 1.5 xlmm.
Distribution: Guanajuato and Queretaro, Mexico.
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